How it's made

From sketch to professional instrument.

Getting the first shape.


Detailed wood carving.


in Ulaanbaatar, mongolia.

The morin khuur (Mongolian: морин хуур), also known as horsehead fiddle, is a traditional Mongolian bowed stringed instrument. It is one of the most important musical instruments of the Mongol people, and is considered a symbol of the Mongolian nation. On this website you'll find information about these beautiful instruments. If you are looking for a custom made morin khuur, contact us.

ORder Your instrument


IN Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Our instruments are hand crafted by professional instrument makers in their workshops in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia using both traditional as modern techniques to create these beautiful instruments. Some of these instrument makers have grown to respected instrument makers and keep creating instruments from one generation to another.